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Lemon Balm Times: A periodic newsletter
Lemon Balm Times was inspired by witnessing the potency and power of simplicity...over an over again. The value of common herbs to heal. The empowerment that's gained by learning how to do things, make things, and fix things. How seemingly small, individual actions can inspire others in big, significant ways. The unexpected benefits that simple meditations can have on our emotions and health, like watching waves or connecting with the moon...even for just a few minutes. In situations where we often feel powerless as individuals to make things better, it's nice to know there is much we can do for ourselves, our family, and our friends that can have beneficial ripple effects to the world at large.

About the Author

Unschooled Path: Doing, Listening, Collaborating & Connecting

Everything is connected, which often makes for an interesting and unexpected path of learning. The skills of knitting lead to the plants and animals that provide the fiber, which leads to the medicinal and nutritional benefits of plants and animals in general, which leads to the microscopic lifeforms that are beneficial and enjoyable to humans, which then creates a compelling desire to better connect with our natural world by going out into the world unshod.

Passionate & Obsessive Learning: Children Are Capable

When allowed to pursue knowledge that is of interest to them, and to do so in a manner that works best for them, all children are intelligent, creative, and capable. Humans learn best by being able to follow their passions and interests obsessively. To take a particular topic and have it be one's sole focus, or at least primary focus, until satisfaction with the answers acquired has been achieved. Then we move on to the next topic of interest. Multi-tasking is seriously overrated.

Jenne Hiigel is bookkeeper by trade, a writer in the wee hours of the morning, and a reader and doer in any places where spare time might occur. She owned a knitting-spinning-weaving shop for five years in the late 1990s, until it became necessary to get a real job and have an actual income.

Jenne moved to San Luis Obispo, California in the late 1970s to go to college and never left. She settled in and planted roots with her husband Chuck, who is a Beer Specialist (yes, that's his actual job title), and raised their three children. Their kids decided they'd had enough of structured schooling by second grade and chose to unschool instead. (But what about socialization?!) Don't worry. They all turned out okay.

Researching and learning about health and healing  has been the primary focus of Jenne's studies for the past four decades. In the mid-1990s she became aware of the limitations of mainstream medicine, and has been looking for other options ever since. While many natural approaches to healing have benefits, particularly herbalism, homeopathy, chiropractics, Chinese medicine, and others, it wasn't until July of 2016 that she finally found the answers she'd been searching for. That's when she read Anthony William's first book Medical Medium.

Through Anthony, answers are now available to all our questions about why chronic illness has become so prevalent, what's causing it, and what to do about it. All of the information he's sharing is free of charge. His blog posts, radio shows, Healing Path course, Instagram posts and videos, Facebook posts and videos are all free! You can even check his books out of the library and get them for free, too (although I strongly recommend buying them). And the best thing is, he shares how we can heal with readily available common foods, herbs, and a few high quality supplements (which he doesn't sell). 

In addition to searching for answers on health issues, Jenne's other favorite topics are child rearing, ways to learn without school, and what animals can teach us, The blogs on this website have been in place for a while. Jenne has toyed with the idea of writing a book on each topic, but that hasn't materialized yet...although it could in the future.

In March 2019 Jenne published her first issue of Lemon Balm Times. The frequency of this publication has yet to be determined. Ultimately Jenne would like to print the newsletter on her letterpress proof press, but reality has put that goal on the shelf for the time being. Someday, though....

Lessons About Life & Death: Inspired By Booboo

The skills necessary for effective and healthy relationships are universal. Mutual respect, listening, communication, playfulness, loving kindness, adaptation, compromise, setting limits, nutrition, aging, death, grief, change...these are all vital to all relationships. And not just human-to-human interaction. The learning we gain through the animals in our family are just as valuable, and just as relevant, to all other areas of our life.

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